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I write content--You practice law

I am a lawyer who, after practicing law for a number of years, returned to my journalism roots. I now write content for lawyers and law firms.

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Lawyers, busy practicing law but realizing the need for an Internet presence, send me topics for their blogs, which I then research and write. Keeping the ultimate reader in mind, I avoid legalese and legal terms and write in plain English. Appellate lawyers send me cases with a word or two about the direction they want me to use in writing the case summary. 

Because I am a lawyer, I know the ethical rules and am careful to provide legal information and not stray into the realm of legal advice. 

Past Experience:

For the past 4 years I have been writing the Clear & Convincing Column for the State Bar of Michigan e-journal. My column concentrated on marketing techniques.

I have been writing in the legal world since I graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1986 and set up my own practice. Using plain English, I wrote the necessary legal documents as well as the press releases and other marketing materials letting the world know of my practice. As part of those efforts, I wrote a monthly column for the local bar association newsletter. 

Leaving the practice of law in 2002, I traveled to the Republic of Moldova where I used my legal skills as lawyer/volunteer with the American Bar Assoc. My writing skills were used to create an e-mail newsletter for the folks back home and to write articles explaining the ABA's activities in Moldova for the local magazines. 

After returning to the U.S., I took the position as editor, staff writer, and photographer for the Ingham County Legal News, a weekly legal newspaper.  I covered legal events, interviewed lawyers, judges, and business people. I translated the legal jargon into plain English for our readers without legal training.

For several years I was editor of Briefs, the newsletter of the Ingham County Bar Association and am now the editor of The Mentor, the newsletter for the Master Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Michigan. I also present workshops on marketing for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and local bar association groups. 

Outside Activities:

I am past-secretary and a current docent with the Potter Park Zoo Docent and Volunteer Association. We conduct tours of the zoo, take animals to events and schools in the area, help with birthday parties and provide enrichment for the animals. I also knit and color for my mental well-being. 

My book, "Why do We do That? Commentary on Lawyers and the Law," a collection of essays, is now available in paperback on Amazon and as an e-book on Kindle and other e-reader publishers. Using a pen name, Alexandra Hawthorne, I write cozy mysteries featuring lawyers in a small town.

I live in Mason, Michigan with two aloof cats, one Bichon with an attitude problem and assorted fish.

Why do We do That? Commentary on Lawyers and the law.Essays that capture the essence of lawyers and lawyering.

Why do We do That? Commentary on Lawyers and the law.Essays that capture the essence of lawyers and lawyering.


Legal jargon in plain English

I will transform your words into plain English for your clients and prospective clients. I write with the reader in mind while creating marketing materials that you can be proud to have on display.


Blogs need to be consistently posted to be effective. You know this, but there is no time. Let me take on the task.Send me your notes, a case you want summarized for your prospective clients. Your blog will be returned to your ready for your review and posting writtne in plain English that clients can understand, formatted to keep reader interest and including art if requested.

Cost? $235 Each, $800 for 4


A newsletter keeps your name before your clients, makes them feel special  and is a great marketing tool.You have a new associate, you’ve repainted the office, you are speaking at a seminar. Let your clients learn of it in your newsletter.

I can write it.  


Don't have time to write that speech, article, your blog, biography or your brochure? I can help. Send me your notes and I will:

  • write the article in plain English

  • spruce up the speech

  • keep your blog up to date

  • or write the book


Web site content needs to be:

  • Short

  • Punchy

  • Easy to read copy

Let  me do it for you.Send me the information, I will transform it to short, punchy and easy to read copy.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


Let's Chat.

Send me your notes, I will transform them from legal jargon to plain English for your clients. Whether blog post or article for your local Bar Association Newsletter, I can help. Want your article or essay edited? See the fees below.

Blog Posts    Pay per post /one post ---235.00 Subscription 4 post per month 800.00

Articles           Per hour ---75.00 / Per word 1.10  Price range is established before we begin

Editing              Up to 5000 words .07 a word / longer works 65.00 per hour Price range is established before we begin

Fees quoted include two rounds of revisions. Additional revisions will be charged at our hourly rate.

Reliability, pleasant attitude, patience and positive working experience included at no cost.

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