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I Write Content--You Practice Law

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Legal jargon in plain English 

I will transform your words into plain English for your clients and prospective clients. I write with the reader in mind while creating marketing materials that you can be proud to have on display.

Newsletters and press releases

       A newsletter keeps your name before your clients, makes them feel special and is a great marketing tool.
You have a new associate, you’ve repainted the office, you are speaking at a seminar. Let your clients learn of it in your newsletter.I can write it.  

Web Page content, feature articles

Web site content needs to be:
       Easy to read copy
       Let me do it for you.
  Send me the information, recent court case or biography. I will transform it to short, punchy and easy to read copy. 

Ghostwriting, biographies, articles, brochures and blogs

 Don't have time to write that speech, article, your blog, biography or your brochure? I can help.

Send me your notes and I will:

           a. write the article in plain English

             b. spruce up the speech
             c. keep your blog up to date

             d. or write the book

And you can relax and eat ice cream.

Marketing tip:

Know your niche. Know who you are and who your prospective client will be.
Look at where you are today, decide where you want to go and think about how to get there.
Write those thoughts down. Keep them close, review them often, make them part of you and they will happen.
Ghostwriter for the best legal minds.

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