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What is Your Brand of Lawyering?

The other night Geoffrey Feiger and Sam Bernstein both ran ads on the evening television. Feiger stressed the fight; “you don’t want Geoffrey Feiger across from you in the courtroom.” Bernstein was more about our family helping your family.

Both are personal injury firms, however, the difference in branding is clearly apparent. Both offer large awards—Feiger through aggressive confrontation; Bernstein portrays a calm, tough litigation style.

Their marketing approach supports their brand. Feiger emphases the battle—clients expect a fight. The Feiger Law Firm font, colors and style are harsh, tough, confrontational. Bernstein, on the other hand, uses warm colors, pictures of the family and the message is clients are family and we’re here to help.


Branding is the cornerstone of your practice. It is the framework, the basis of all your marketing decisions and the way you communicate your values as a lawyer. It tells consumers what you are and how you practice law. And, if they like what you are and how you practice, they will hire you and refer others to your door. Your particular brand is what pulls people to you.

Branding v Reputation

Brand is not the same as reputation. Brand focuses on what type of service the firm promises to its clients. The brand is how the customer differentiates your service from that of another firm. Your brand helps communicate that your firm’s services are uniquely qualified to meet a client’s needs. Its strength depends on how well you fulfill your promise to your clients over time.

Reputation is a concept that focuses on the credibility and respect your firm has with employees, other lawyers, the community as well as customers. Your reputation is affected by your financial performance, management skills, treatment of employees and handling of ethical issues. A strong reputation is important because you depend on the goodwill of the local community in which you operate to be successful.

Consistency protects brands

To protect your brand, it’s important to be consistent. Successful law firm brands will be those that provide a consistent client experience. Law firms also need to be consistent in the physical expression of their brand such as using the same colors, logo, imagery and promotional language over a period of time so as to be easily recognizable to their present and future clients. Placing the firm name or using the wrong words in the wrong place can damage the firm image. An elder law firm would not use the same images or words as a litigation firm. Brand consistency is a factor in achieving recognition.

How do I find my brand?

Spend some quiet time thinking and you will discover your brand. A brand that will complement your marketing strategy, reflect who you are and be consistent in how the firm is perceived. The right brand is the foundation of a successful practice. It will resonate with your target clients. Be sure to understand and protect yours.

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