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A Writer's Reward

Writer's work alone. They sit in front of a computer for hours, staring, tapping away on the keyboard, outlining, plotting and, eventually, getting a decent or not so decent first draft. After a time away from the manuscript (Stephen King recommends a 6 week hiatus), out it comes for hours of revisions. Several drafts later, the writer determines it is finished.

Then comes the work of finding a publisher or an agent. Out go the queries, back come the rejections. Some have success. Others, like myself, choose to self-publish, much easier than in time past. One can do it as an e-book and as a Print on Demand.

Then comes the marketing. I'm not good at it. But I did send out a press release and got some publicity. Mason Today, the local community paper, published a review, my very first. It was good.

Today, I went into Bestsellers, Mason's book store, to pick up a copy of the paper. Annie, the clerk said, "Oh, here's the author." A woman holding two of my books smiled and asked me to sign her copies. I was thrilled and encouraged and again ready to sit in front of that computer.

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