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Social media not your style? Open a Kiosk practice.

Social media is the “in” marketing tool for everyone, including lawyers. It is touted as the best thing since, well, sliced bread. Books are written about it, blogs tell you that real lawyers blog, twitter tells you to say it in 140 characters, and then there is Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and LinkedIn and new sites as yet not thought of. All of which are calling for your presence. 

But what if you want to simply talk to live people, listen to them, see them, use your well-known listening and speaking skills to help them find and solve their problems? 

One solution might be to open a kiosk. Kiosks have been around since the 13th century when they were small open pavilions placed in gardens. Now vendors use them wherever people congregate to sell small consumables or to dispense information and advice. Where can a lawyer put a kiosk?

How about the airport?

Those who remember when air travel was a pleasant, even joyous experience will also remember that it was a bit more dangerous. To satisfy the need to provide for our loved ones if the plane should go down in a cornfield, there were kiosks at the airport where you could buy short term travel insurance, designed to leave your adoring relatives a sizable inheritance should they have to carry on without your presence. 

Now air travel is a bit safer but ever so unpleasant. 

A lawyer at the airport could handle a variety of matters such as the documents needed if disaster did strike—the usual powers of attorney, simple wills, or statements describing the funeral if it becomes necessary. Passengers would board the plane secure in knowing they had provided for their families. 

Then there are the lawsuits that could be filed. 

Trouble with TSA?--perhaps a passenger’s civil rights were violated as the agents searched all their personal items including their person; or, their iPad, Laptop, and wonderful new camera are missing—they can immediately go to the Kiosk Lawyer, get the forms and file the complaint. 

Passengers stuck on the tarmac for hours without water, food, fresh air, heat or air conditioning? Call the Kiosk lawyer from the plane and start a complaint. Missing luggage? Airport delays? Talk to the Kiosk Lawyer to discover your rights.  

You can see the possibilities. 

Perhaps at the mall? 

Shoppers could stop by, discuss their problem in “real time,” and a solution might be reached or a later appointment set for more discussion. The new client would go off to continue shopping relieved that a solution to the problem might be at hand. You would be satisfied knowing that you had contact with a human being and another satisfied client.   

Or, take your kiosk on the road

Kiosks can be portable making the practice of law an adventure. Travel up and down your state, set up your Kiosk in the center of town, at fairs, wherever people congregate and practice your trade in real time with real contact with real people with real problems. 

No Social Media required. Just some old fashioned posters announcing your presence. All the marketing you need. Foot traffic will take care of the rest. 

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