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The Presentation or how I learned to technologically adept

I have been asked to give a presentation on marketing for Bankruptcy Section of the Ingham County Bar Association in mid-Michigan. I discovered this with an announcement from the chair that I was the speaker for the next meeting. I recalled that I had mentioned my willingness some time ago, however, now was the time to prepare.

Because I have a background in education as well as law, I believe that if you can hit your audience with graphics and words, they might recall a bit of what you said. This belief led to the research necessary to use my iPad as a source of the graphic display.

The first considerations are the questions of technology. I had attended a seminar put on by the state bar on the use of the iPad for the lawyer, so I pulled out those notes. I learned:

The program that iPad uses for a presentation is Keynote, a simple free download app from iTunes app store.

VGA and HDMI adapters for iPad
In order for the TV or projector to be able to communicate with the iPad, an adapter is needed. Off to Best Buy for the adapter, which connects the iPad to the cable that connects to the projector. There are two possibilities—an HDMI connection or the old VGA. I have no idea what those initials mean so I will use a picture.

I also bought two cables, one with VGA at both ends and one with HDMI at both ends, in case the projector or TV I planned to use was cable less, a condition that can happen often. One hundred dollars later, I left the store.

Next I called the IT people at the State Bar of Michigan where I will be giving my presentation and arranged to meet them with all my cables. To my surprise, it all worked. I had the right cables and I learned how to connect the iPad. I can only hope it will work on the day of the presentation. 

The topic of the presentation is Writing for Your Client. My co-presenter will talk about all the different social network resources available for lawyers to use for marketing. I will talk about the reader, what they read, how to help them by changing legalese into plain English and where to find stuff to write about.

I want to use the Keynote presentation to enhance my words. I can't stand to sit there while someone reads their presentation to me. I can read and I soon tune out. I don’t want my audience to tune out. I searched and found illustrations, pictures, charts, and video to help illustrate what I was talking about.

All this meant I had to write the outline for the speech and then use the Keynote program, which I also had to learn, to illustrate and add to the speech. I hope, that by following these rules all will be well:
  • Don’t bore the audience.
  • Don’t let the illustrations get in the way.
  • Encourage audience participation, answer questions,
  • And have a good time.
I plan to have a good time. Let us hope my audience does too. Maybe I should bring snacks.

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